Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well I haven't posted as much as I would like so far because a lot of stuff has been going on in my personal life. Although I have figured i'm going in one main direction. That is about what I know how to do best, make money & build wealth. There's a million different ways to make money out there and ill be damned if I hadn't heard about half of them. So as well as my own personal ranting about the crazy ass life that I live I am going to explore the many different ways that one can obtain monetary gain or not. So keep checking back cause i'm going to blow this thing up. I've been very busy lately finishing the renovations on my house this week. Be patient & grow rich.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

moving to imakemoneyblogging.com

Yes Sir, i'm taking this blogging thing pretty seriously so I bought myself a domain and am going to take this to the next level. This blogspot was sort of a test run. I need to research more on the content im going to provide and stuff like that. While I love talking about myself I know that eventually i'm going to run out of stuff to say. It would be greatly appreciated if those that visit my little blog here fill out the survey on the left to give me a better idea as to what I should be providing you with. Although this is very much in the beginning stages I greatly appreciate all the feedback I can receive from those who read my blog so that I may improve upon it. I decided i'm going to keep posting here until imakemoneyblogging.com is up and running so keep checking back and thank you my very few loyal readers. oh ya! and PLEASE DO ME A SMALL FAVOR AND CLICK THOSE GOOGLE ADS ON THE RIGHT =]

Monday, April 21, 2008

ex-lady involved in fatal accident - broke my heart & truck

fatal honda civic accident
horrible ford accident

Recent pix I just uploaded off my blackberry. This is an example of what this girl has done to my life. I swear the whole relationship was like a car crash. The accident wasn't her fault. The other girl was headed south on a north bound lane and died as a result of it. Rumor is that she was totally wasted and going out to another spot. Where as my ex-lady decided to take my truck that night and meet up with her friends without letting me know. We broke up shortly there after, which had nothing to do with this accident but rather the crazy emotional stuff she put me through. Now she's out sleeping around with people I use to call my friends. Isn't that great. I'll be single for a while, thats for sure.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

whats prison like?

At age 17 I was arrested and charged with numerous counts of fraud & larceny. They put a $500,000 dollar bail on me. So needless to say I wasnt going anywhere. I was in an adult prison system and it was a real shock to the system. At first I just couldn't believe what had happened, I worried about when I would ever leave the place and thought I was going to be facing some serious time. Well I only ended up getting a year and I served the whole year.

Boy was it an interesting experience. Prior to being sentenced I was amongst a lot of other criminals who had done some serious crimes like murder, armed robbery, etc... I realized how much of a facade that these people put on everyday. They run around like hardened criminals and yet they cry in their bunks every night. I understood that wasn't the lifestyle that I wanted to live and made sure I stayed focused on changing it. I meditated nightly and the other inmates thought I was crazy, because they were bullshitting in there like it was a good time. I seen so many people leave and come back before I was even done with my sentence.

I've come to a point in my life where I realize that people really don't change. They can and anything is possible but they basically don't. It's funny though because when you come from where I come from, it's all the norm. At least it seems that way when you don't have any examples of the way life should be. I'm literally the only person that I know that has completely come out of that lifestyle. Back to the jail story though, it was kind of crazy sometimes and just extremely boring at other times.

I must have planned out about my whole life in that place and since getting out I've actually executed that plan quite well. One of the hardest parts was this girl I was dating, totally lead me on to believe that she would wait for me. First day I got out I found out she was with someone else and it crushed me. I guess what they say is right, time waits for no man and no woman waits for a man with time on his hands.

Well on a positive note since I've been out I started my own business and bought my first home when I was 20. It all wasn't that long ago and I still frequently deal with the issue. Constantly I worry about people that I work with now judging me about my past and maybe this is a way of getting to that next step. I'm allowing the internet to play the role of my psychologist I guess. come again!

this blog's open to the public

dont be afraid to leave comments people... ill keep the post comming, just need to feel the love. *please take the poll on the right* =]

the beginning

Well here I am. Telling my deepest secrets and life story on the internet. Where do I start? I guess in this first post I will give some sort of an abstract and then go more into depth in the following post.

I'm 22 years old, actually my birthday was just recently. In these short 22 years I feel like I've lived an average persons lifetime. Yet I know that I still have so far to go. Well I guess it started at birth and I say that because like a lot of children growing up in depressed areas I never knew my father (only child). Never even seen a picture, don't even really know his last name.

I grew up in the ghetto and as most of my peers I was an absolute product of my environment (at least at first). Began doing and selling drugs at a really young age, sexually active before I even hit puberty. Along with the crime of my youth I got into credit card fraud of sorts and was scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from internet retailers.

Bought a brand new cadillac for my first car when I was 16 and paid for it cash. The same car that I accidently hit a kid with. Shortly there after when I was 17 I got arrested hit with a shit load of charges and put in jail. Which honestly has probably been one of the greatest turning points in my life.

I say all this not to boast about illegal activities or about how dumb I was but instead to help people learn about a side of life that they might have no idea about. This is just the beginning of this blog and my life. There's so much more to my story that I'll continue to go in depth about but the point is I've come soooo far from that place.

I've faced insurmountable odds and have overcome them. To me in the middle of what would seem like a horrible story of misery and pain is perhaps a beautiful story of facing adversities. Overcoming the life and people that are issued to us and becoming adults so that we may make better decisions than those of our parents. True personal growth is what I'm talking about. I'll post again shortly, thank you for reading.