Monday, April 21, 2008

ex-lady involved in fatal accident - broke my heart & truck

fatal honda civic accident
horrible ford accident

Recent pix I just uploaded off my blackberry. This is an example of what this girl has done to my life. I swear the whole relationship was like a car crash. The accident wasn't her fault. The other girl was headed south on a north bound lane and died as a result of it. Rumor is that she was totally wasted and going out to another spot. Where as my ex-lady decided to take my truck that night and meet up with her friends without letting me know. We broke up shortly there after, which had nothing to do with this accident but rather the crazy emotional stuff she put me through. Now she's out sleeping around with people I use to call my friends. Isn't that great. I'll be single for a while, thats for sure.


Ruby Larkspur here! said...

Hey I was one of the people who commented from your last entry (you can discern later which one) and I totally didn't know I had you subscribed. Either way I saw this entry and wow. I don't blame you for staying single. Although I said previously you WILL find a life partner, it's safe to say that your endeavor will result 1/9283928392839283928 girls and frankly it's not worth it. Good luck with whatever fees which came with the accident.

Katie said...

wow, its totalled! o_o thanks, ill bookmark you too!

anon said...

thank you very much katie and you as well ruby

Ruby Larkspur said...

You're very welcome and thanks for the comment/compliment. haha I'm a little embarrassed because it didn't occur to me someone would actually read my eccentric entries. I know it's late, but it appears I'm nocturnal. Good night to you, good sir.

Liquid said...

Enjoy your freedom!